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Are you looking to open a new Gmail account? Do you feel that creating a new Gmail email account is a herculean task? Well, opening a Gmail account is very simple and easy. Read this guide to get all the necessary information to create a Gmail account and to start using it.

Creating a Gmail email account

Setting up a Gmail email account for free can be done very quickly and is an easy process. It will not take much of your time. The following are the step by step instructions that will help you in creating a new Gmail account.

  • Open your favorite web browser and type in the address bar. You will get to see the Gmail sign in page where you have two options of username and password. As you want to create an account, click on the ‘create an account’ option under the sign in options.

  • Now, you will be taken to the Gmail Account creation page. This is a detailed sign-up page where a lot of personal and other information needs to be filled.
  • The first option will be to key in the first and the last name under the Names section. Make sure to enter the correct options in the respective boxes.

  • After this, you will have to enter the username that you would like to use for the Gmail email account. The username you enter will be part of your email address and will be presented as Enter one that you like.

If at all, the username that you have entered is already in use by some other user; you will be intimated about the same and asked to enter a new username. Gmail might also give you some examples based on the first username that you have chosen.  You are at the liberty to choose any of the auto-suggested usernames of Gmail or try creating a new one by yourself.  Once the username entered is accepted, you move on to the password section.

  • You need a password for the username that you have created. Both the username and password are needed to sign in to Gmail email account. Make sure you create a strong password that contains capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • After you have entered the password in the respective type box, you will now be asked to key in the password once again in the type box under confirm the password option. You need to once again enter the exact password that you had entered before to move forward.

  • The next option would be to choose your birth month, day and year from the drop-down options under the birthday option.
  • After the birthday information, it is time to choose the gender option.
  • Now comes the security information that you will have to key to keep your account safe and to carry out recovery of your password or username if you misplace it or forget it.
  1. The first option here is to provide your phone number. Gmail wants to make sure that you are the one creating the account. Hence, please enter your working mobile number in the respective box. You might be sent a 6 digit verification code on your phone to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure.
  2. The other option will be to enter an alternate email address. If you have one, please enter it in the respective field and Gmail will send the lost password for the username to this account to carry out the recovery.
  • Finally, go through the Privacy and Terms option and then click on the ‘I Agree’ option to continue.

Once the I Agree button is clicked, your new Gmail account will get created. You can now sign in to the Gmail account to start using the Gmail facilities.

Completing the Gmail setup

Once you have clicked on the ‘I agree’ option or the create account option during signup, you will be directed to the Gmail’s dashboard and you can instantly start using Gmail. The left-hand side of the Gmail page is the inbox, sent mail, trash, and compose options. You can choose to complete the Gmail setup if you want by adding the profile picture.

  • You will find the profile icon on the top right side corner of the Gmail page. Click on the Change option.
  • Upload the photo that you want to use as the profile picture in this space and then click on the Set as profile picture button. Now, your profile picture will be seen on the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can get access to the Gmail setup on your Gmail’s dashboard to change the available resources like Choose a theme, import contacts, etc.

Signing out of Gmail

The following are the simple steps involved in signing out of the Gmail account. This must be surely done if you are accessing Gmail from any third party computers.

  • Press the image icon on the top right-hand side corner of the page where you see a drop down option come up on the screen.
  • It will have “add account” and “sign out” options on it.
  • Click on the Sign out option and you now would have safely signed out of the Gmail account.

The Gmail account can be set up on the desktop as well as your mobile devices.

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